Live Streaming Event Production


Prices start at $999

ChophouseTV offers creative Live event production services for any occasion. From live fund-raising events, podcasts, weddings, reunions, conferences and lots of other corporate and live events. Prices shown below are for a maximum of a 3 hour live event.


Live Stream Production

We take care of the technical work, so you can focus on promoting your brand. Removing the physical limits of your event and opening it up to a global audience is the true benefit of live streaming. We are ready to work with you to meet and exceed whatever your campaign objectives are, or production needs. Live streaming offers many practical solutions and allows you to reach an unlimited audience.


We work with you to understand your specific needs and then strategize for success. From resource allocation and scheduling, to venue prep and logistics, we plan every detail.


We use only the latest and most reliable equipment as the backbone of your live event. Our massive in house inventory assures that your sound, video and lighting performs flawless.


Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Instagram Live or even a custom branded player for your website. You choose your delivery method, and we will handle the rest. Reach a global audience and boost sales internationally.

What’s Included

All Live Streaming offers include redundant encoders and the ability to stream to Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Instagram Live or a Custom Player of your choice. Encoded live streams are in 1080p resolution. Prices shown above are for a maximum of a 3 hour live event.